DoGood Media, founded in 2014, is a registered Delaware corporation specializing in advertising and market research. DoGood Media pairs its High-Growth Media Brand Portfolio together with a proprietary Audience Extension Product Suite to dramatically reduce costs and complexity while driving profits for publishers, performance for advertisers and positive media experiences for consumers.

  • 2016: $3.2M revenue, 2017 $4.9M revenue, growth of 53% Year over Year
  • Over $1M in annual net income the last 2 years, putting the company in solid footing to develop and expand its core offerings
  • Employee 20 full-time employees in our US, Brazil and India offices. Supported by a staff of outside legal and accounting firms.
  • Full development office in Brazil with a team of over 10 developers, cloud architects, and quality assurance team.
  • Early participant of one of the top global incubators 1871, and awarded Microsoft’s exclusive BizSpark Sponsorship with $350,000 grant.